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"I still enjoy a great book in my hand...the sound of the pages when turned, the smell of the the printed paper ..the images which develop in my mind as I read a co-creation between reader and writer: unique to that two people will ever imagine the same pictures as they read the same story...millions of possible imagery...the story then, becomes your mind, in your heart"  ~ Judith Espinosa     

Inside me was always the desire to create. 


As far back as I could recall....deep beneath the mundane layers of who I was being shaped to become, past familial influence and passed the shaping of schooling, was a natural born writer, poet, artist, philosopher, the raw, unexposed, untapped. 


I knew early on (although too young to understand the depth of what I carried deep inside me) that I was born with an innate love for writing. As I stumbled through the many paths of life, this inner passion grew stronger each day.  

It was always about expression or perhaps a reflection of some divine source. I never knew where the art was coming from exactly. I learned to draw before I could write...and I was writing philosophical passages before I could master any language. I didn't know at the time what was transpiring, I only knew I had a natural need, a thirst....for expression through: art, poetry, writing, crafting, and philosophy. My writing however, never planned...flowing naturally through me like oxygen does when I breathe. 

I hope through my literary work you find love, for others and mostly---for yourself. Know for certain...that all art comes from a spiritual realm and may this be as positive of an experience for you, as it is for me.

I believe there is an artist of architect of everything....a writer of all who has written a completed which includes us all: we, our lives, our actions, our thoughts...all in this ONE book of life.


Don't be a mere phrase...embrace your part in this amazing story of life and be a completed chapter, filled with amazing DEPTH....and most of all, always remain ORIGINAL! 

~ Judith Espinosa © 2024 All Rights Reserved 

"THE AWAKENING" as posted here is the ONLY literary work published by this Judith Espinosa, up to summer 2024.
This work was stolen from the author in a draft format and then plaigerized. It is therefore, published as is with minor revisions.

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