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"THE AWAKENING" as shared on the home page is the ONLY literary work published by this Judith Espinosa, up to summer 2024. It is the draft of an intended literary work that was stolen and plagiarized years ago. 

Those who copy other people's literary work to claim it as their own, live imposter lives; perhaps fooling some for a little while....while unable to ignore their dark, inner truths, but I am certain however, that life will catch up to these ill intended souls to provide them with the necessary lessons--life always does. 

~ Judith Espinosa

"THE AWAKENING" as posted here is the ONLY literary work published by this Judith Espinosa, up to summer 2024.
This work was stolen from the author in a draft format and then plaigerized. It is therefore, published as is with minor revisions.

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