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I began to write "The Awakening" poem shared on the home page of this site, sometime circa 1988! My mother was undergoing chemothe-rapy. Doctors had given her a mere year to live when she was initially diagnosed...the words we all dread, "you should get your affairs in order" were coldly uttered to us. I was devastated! It felt as though I was to loose her twice because I had lost her once before...not to illness, but to my parents' divorce and the iron fist of society.

My parents had been married for 24 years. I was just a young girl when they divorced. Following that separation, life continued to unfolded with multiple challenges while I, continued to develop my writing.

This is how this poem began. Through more than a decade of illness and treatments, my mother outlived that initial one year death sentence. And I, completed my poem before she died. I printed a draft format to share with friends, who would proof read for me...but somehow a copy of the draft (which by the way included mentions of God...and which mentions were at times altered or omitted when copied online) was stollen and uploaded to multiple platforms...all, unknown to me.


My words, my thoughts, my life lessons, shared and plagiarized throughout the internet... multiple people posting my work as "Author Unknown" praising it....WOW how flattering, I thought...I was so happy to help those that MY words touched. Others however, were claiming my work as theirs! Oh my God how? Some fighting for MY work...and I, completely oblivious to it all.  I was so busy with life, that I had set aside the writing works I was to publish.


I continued writing, but "The Awakening Poem" which was intended to be part of a larger work, was shelved for a future date. I had returned to school and wanted to graduate before I published. Family and friends insisted I publish my I went through my writings and began to search online for use of the title I had given my poem..I found MY WORDS, MY ENTIRE POEM, online. I was in shock! How in the world could any human being feel comfortable using someone else's creation for their benefit, for attention, for recognition, or for credit? Why? How did they get it?


As I sat there in front of my laptop screen, reading about these LIES...specifically two individuals, who fought for the credits...I was baffled to see how desperate for acknowledgment some people can be. One person claiming my work, mentions "The Awakening" poem as shared here, being about a breakup. As I read through those words, I couldn't help but to picture my mother suffering through chemotherapy, with her endless puking sessions...the complete loss of appetite, her fragile body aching and wasting away with disease on a hospital bed, her hair stuck to the pillow every time she turned her head; chunks of it detaching from her scull. I thought of the extra years I could of had with her. This poem my friends, entails a huge amount of life lessons and a very long journey which involves much, much more, than just a bad break up.

This poem was written to help all those who like me, had to endure any difficult lesson: loss, illness, discrimination, domestic violence, rape, divorce, ridicule, attacks toward minorities, toward the disabled...anything painful or words, are meant to help anyone who needs or wants inspiration to learn more about how to value human life. With all the quirks and imperfections any person could have...within any group, within all faiths...these words are for all mankind...for all to awaken to more love and kindness...specifically, for self. This poem is about awakening to the power we all have within us. Owning any hand we are dealt in life. For once we own an issue WE then have the power to change it, and thus...transform it and ourselves, for the better...I pray my words help all those who need encouragement; to cease being victims and instead, become victors. I am flattered beyond words, that my work has helped so many....that it has traveled the world....but I am equally disgusted that some, have claimed what is not theirs to claim. Shame on those who claim MY WORK as theirs. This is MY writing, my thoughts, my life lessons, my expression. The good side of this story is, I KNOW I WROTE IT!....and the THIVES, the IMPOSTERS, know they are mere THIEVES. It must be really sad, to live with the knowledge that you are taking credit, for something you did not create because you feel so small to be authentic. 

Plagiarism is art RAPE, THEFT, INSULT to innovation.... to creative works and to their original creators. 


I am claiming my work, my words...and sharing them with YOU, in the correct and completed version on this site. All other postings online are unauthorized and plagiarized copies, from a draft format of my literary work, "The Awakening" poem. Unless it is an exact version seen on this site, with my name as the is a plagiarized version. For those who posted as author unknown, or anonymous as author...I have respect for you; perhaps you attempted to find an author (me) and were unable to...and, at the very least you did not claim work that was not yours to claim. Unfortunately, many if not all unauthorized copies, have been altered. 

It is my intention to fight hard against plagiarism and copyright infringement. I am not just defending MY work, I am standing up for all artists and for all who enjoy the arts. Join me, in a gratifying quest for TRUTH! I am reaching out to all those who posted, asking to retract the plagiarized or copyright infringed, versions. Replace those with the authentic version and proper credits. I will share the original, completed version with written permission, as long as the work is not altered and proper credits are given. And, I thank you. 


Feel free to contact me via email from this site. Help me find all unauthorized postings. Together, we can protect other writers, artists, poets, musicians, philosophers, all creators; who are blessing our world and making it a better place with ORIGINAL work.

God Bless! Namaste!

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